* about ADM

THE ADM is the biggest and longest surviving cultural freehaven in the Netherlands, known over the whole world due to 18 years social and cultural renewal and hospitality. It is an organically grown village in the western harbours of Amsterdam, arising from the longing to experiment in all possible areas. The ADM is a niche in the margin of organised society. A laboratory where the arrangement of our daily lives is practised as an art form, where the development of simple and sustainable solutions are automatic and innovation is not trendy but pure necessity.
THE PEOPLE of this self-regulating community are closely linked to each other by the space, visions and creations they share. On the terrain live some 130 people from all ages, nationalities and walks of life. Amongst them are: children and pensioners, theatre-makers and stage-builders, inventors and technicians, dancers and musicians, actors and directors, craftsmen and -women, sailors and buccaneerss, life-lovers and 'different-thinkers'...
WE IMPROVISE with time and money, test our place in the ecosystem, tinker with human relationships and build sculptures, compositions, heat sources and means of transport using another's waste. In a direct interaction with our environment we thus create alternative ways of living, sharing, learning and growing. More about ADM!
MANY cultural free-havens are gone already. It would be a complete loss for the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and even the world if the contributions of cultural free haven ADM would disappear.
Come and celebrate our 19th birthday, and show your support for freehaven ADM. There is no culture without subculture! You can also Sign the petition!

* about the festival

ADM 19 Years. Take a gentri-vacation on the ADM reservation 6. 7. 8. October is a unique chance to take a look inside the ADM. This squatted community celebrates it's 19th birthday with music, theater, art, circus, and much more. In a city where thinking within existing frameworks, economic interests and clean sidewalks dominate the public domain the ADM is an alternative community based on solidarity, selforganisation, respect, and improvisation. A place were Anti-conformists walk freely and Dreams still fly around and lay eggs. The ADM is under pressure now but still, it presents a huge program of international acts. Not to be missed! Here's a small example, Def P en Co (nederhop pioniers), Ryan Harvey (riot folk usa), Alice in Wasteland (uk), Cirk Biz'Art (circus fr), De Beatzers (amsterdamse piraten ska-folk ), Twisted Fairground (uk), Hosana Soundsystem (uk), Goeiemiddag (ska), Molino (surrealistische fanfare), Zazi (comedietheater, adm), Tranquil (Iceland), No/sa sounds, Carlos de Nicaraqua (salsa feest Nic), Eddie Egal (pyromancer from Berlin), De Stokers (amsterdamse polka punk), Merlin Puppet Theatre (fr), Deadwood (fr), MetalKombo (firefish installation, De), Consious Youth (uk), Spanner (uk), Robodock-Romney, Clit Club en Electric Acoustic Woodstage.
Grab the chance and get on the urban safari ride on the ADM reservation. A de-gentrified exotic adventure on the oasis in the Amsterdam west habours.

Our Birthday Festival has no funding and/or subsidy from outside. Everybody involved with this festival does that on a voluntary basis
  • Thursday 6.October      Donation
  • Friday 7.October           15e    Happy Hour 17:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday 8.October      19e    Happy Hour 13:00 - 15:00
  • Passpartout                     25e
  • Happy Hour = entrence on donation
  • Thursday 6. October     18:00 - 02:00
  • Friday 7. October           17:00 - 05:00
  • Saturday 8. October      13:00 - 06:00


BY BIKE – the scenic route (12 kms from Amsterdam centraal) see blue route on the map. This route brings you through the westerpark, community gardens and a nature zone before you enter the industrial port of Amsterdam…
- or the faster route (10 kms) see blue road on the map - Alternatively you could follow any of the green routes indicated by the new google maps bike option…

BY TRAIN  Go to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station (see ns.nl for times) from where you can catch the shuttle bus to the ADM (and back again).

SHUTTLE BUS  We will have a shuttle bus service between the ADM (entrance gate) and at Piarcoplein at Sloterdijk station. Check the map. You can download the shuttle bus timetable HERE.

vegan food / vegetarian food / no cash machine on site / leave dogs at home / no camping / no tobacco for sell on site / limited parking - be green - use a bike
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